About FAST

The Foundation

The Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) was established in 1980, as a private national institution. The Foundation is registered with the Central Board of Revenue, Government of Pakistan, as a charitable institution.

Today it stands recognized as the leader and trendsetter in this field in Pakistan and abroad. The management of the Foundation vests in a Board of Governors, elected in accordance with its Charter. The members of the Board are eminent personalities in their respective fields and are associated with the Foundation in an honorary capacity. The Board oversees and manages the affairs of the Foundation.

FAST has established the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NU) so as to expand the activities of existing institutes establish more campuses throughout the country, and to maintain its tradition of academic excellence. The establishment of the university is a major step forward in the technological progress of the country.


The University

The National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences started with an impressive advantage in that, thanks to the selfless and imaginative efforts of the FAST; it inherited three first rate computer science institutes located at Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, in spacious buildings and prestigious settings. These institutes, individually as well as collectively, have established leadership position due to the splendid vision of an enlightened management and tireless efforts of a highly qualified faculty. Over the years FAST has become the hallmark of excellence in academic arena, domestic market and international community.


Karachi Campus

The National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences has the honour of being the first multi-campus private sector university. The Karachi campus is the first member of this family. It is spread over a 6-acre site, located in Shah Latif Town on the National Highway, 10 km east of Karachi airport. The campus has enough space for the students to study in a congenial environment, where they can also play, enjoy and relax. The staff and students commute to the campus in transport arranged by the University. Degree Programs Offered at Karachi campuses are as follows

Main Campus

  • BS (Computer Science)
  • BS (Electrical Engineering)
  • PhD (Computer Science)
  • PhD (Electrical Engineering)

City Campus

  • BBA
  • MBA
  • MS (Computer Science)
  • MS (Software Project Management)
  • MS (Electrical Engineering)
  • MS (Computer Networks)

It comprises all the requirements which are required during any international conference, workshops, seminars and sessions with comfort and joy.

The Campus has a vibrant Research and Development culture. Each faculty member is a part of a Research Group. Weekly research seminars, local IEEE, ACM and IET chapters’ meetings and seminars and an International conference are regularly held.